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La Tirana - Traditional North Chilean Celebration on 16 July

Amazing opportunity of visit this popular traditional celebration in the north of our country. Rent a campervan and just enjoy our landscapes an traditions in Tarapacá.

The celebration of the Tirana is a festivity and a relationship with the Pachamama (mother earth) linked to the Virgin of Copacabana, by the workers and peasants. Its origin as a fiesta is mining originated by the Aymara, Bolivian workers who worked in the copper and silver mines in Huantajaya, Santa Rosa and Collahuasi as saltpeter workers. In the 19th century, the fiesta was redefined with the nitrate boom and was celebrated on July 16 in the Pampa and on July 28 in Iquique. At the end of the 19th century, after the Pacific War, the festival was celebrated on various dates: July 16 for Chileans, July 28 for Peruvians and August 6 for Bolivians.