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Starting again... 

Fire. Powerful element, creator and destroyer. We sit in front of him to share, laugh, sing and tell stories. Present in our home during the cold season to give us the warmth that brings us together, our beloved fire. But today we face him in a new way, seeing how many efforts, dreams and memories are quickly taken away... But we are certain that the things that were taken away will return to our lives turned into new laughter, songs and stories. ..


November 2016, together with the birth of Antü, our first child, the dream of looking for a home and a job that would allow us to spend time together, do what we like and live in a healthy and natural environment was also born. Thus we arrive at San Fabián de Alico, a town at the foot of the Andes Mountains that has all these characteristics and more. In March 2019, Ayrun, our second son, was born, and with his arrival we knew that we would make our home here.

In all this time, little by little, with the support of family and friends, we began the construction of our house and our Vanlife Chile venture. Next to the house, which is still under construction, we had our carpentry workshop and warehouse, a 48m2 space where we had all the materials and tools to develop our business and build our house.


On Thursday, May 25 at 5:30 p.m., an electrical failure caused the fire to take everything away. There were no injuries, our house was not damaged, nor were our vehicles, but we lost everything we needed to continue with the business and the house.

Losses are estimated at 25,000 euros and we need to raise at least half of that to activate Vanlife and move forward. This is why we need your support today:


  1. - The first and most important support is to ask you to visualize us in abundance, to imagine us with strength to face this new test of life. Material things come and go, but it is the manifestations of respect and love that last, these are the fertile soil that will feed our illusions again in this new beginning. You can send us an email, we will love to read you. If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet us, we leave you several photos to introduce us and you can imagine what we tell you. From now on we invite you to this wonderful place.

  2. Recommend our business, share it with your friends, family and social networks. This will help us to make our campervan rental service visible and have more clients for the season. Vanlife is our main source of income, these actions will contribute directly to increase our income. Instagram:

  3. Another way to support is through a monetary contribution, we have two accounts that you can transfer to:


- The second way to support is through monetary contribution, we have two accounts to which you can transfer: ​

Pesos Chilenos//

Vanlife Chile SpA

RUT 76.817.404-0

Banco Santander

Cuenta Corriente  89240735

Euros //

Vanlife Chile   


IBAN: BE35 9670 6463 8237



Contact us at: whatsapp +56 961411499 or email

You can share our story and the link of this web page with whoever you feel might be interested in helping us. Contact us if you have ideas on how we can manage other types of aid. ​

Susana, Antü, Ayrún and Pedro

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