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And the beer offering also becomes another of the interesting itineraries and these are some of the beers that you will find with the spirit of Carretera Austral.

1. Arisca

Arisca belongs to the Puerto Tranquilo Brewing Company and from that location, 1800 liters are produced monthly of the Arisca Baya, Arisca Alazana, and Arisca Picassa varieties. They take their names from the color of horse coats according to the color of the beer. The facilities can be visited by tourists and those who will be able to learn about the production process with the waters of Campo de Hielo Norte.


2. Murteña

The process of creating this Ale type beer is born from the waters of Bahía Murta, in its porter varieties with a coffee and chocolate flavor, amber strong ale with a caramel flavor and a higher alcohol content, and IPA with a bitter flavor.


3. Caiquen

Its name is inspired by the Caiquén (or wild goose), a native bird of Aysén, this beer is brewed in Villa Cerro Castillo. You can find it in its blonde ale, pale ale, strong ale and porter varieties.


4. Ice Field

This beer has three PALE ALE type varieties, with a capacity of 1000 liters per month: Glaciar, Rio Baker and Vertiente. They are characterized by the water used for their preparation. They are all prepared with the pure and crystalline waters of the slopes surrounding the North Ice Field. Try all the purity and rebellion of Aysén's waters in a beer.


5. DOlbek

In the beginning, only two people carried out the entire packaging, capping and labeling process manually. Produced in Coyhaique, today this beer has become a renowned regional product and can also be found in Santiago, Viña del Mar, Puerto Montt and Valdivia. This beer is 100% natural, it does not contain preservatives.


6. Finis Terra

You can find a wide range of varieties: blonde, golden, black, blonde with calafate, blonde with rubber, blonde with honey and blonde with Merquen chili. This beer is made with water from the melting of the imposing Hanging Glacier of the Queulat National Park, in Puerto Cisnes. You can get to know the brewery on guided tours.


7. Hopperdietzel

Its name bears the history of Puyuhuapi and its production of meltwater from Patagonian jungles. You can find it in three varieties: goldene jahre ale, roter teppich ale and schwarz Back Ale.


8. Pilchero

Made in Coyhaique, and founded in 2015, "Pilchero" has its origins in the name given to the horse that accompanies the gaucho and is in charge of transporting his pilchas (clothes). This beer is brewed by a Patagonian master brewer and can be found in the following styles: diablo, colorado, fog and flor de ipa. A truly delicious experience!



Its name comes from the famous Hudson volcano, which had its last major eruption in 1991. It is also located in Coyhaique and has an online store. By drinking this beer you will also be drinking the purest water in the world. Its varieties are Amber Ale, Stout, Session Ipa and STRONG Ale.


10. Tropera

Originally made in Coyhaique, produced by the same owners of the Mamma Gaucha restaurant and Casa Troppera, in both places you can find it in all its varieties and an excellent option for pastas, pizzas and roast lamb.


SOURCE: Carretera Austral Blog

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