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La compleja geografía de la Patagonia chilena hace necesario el uso de barcazas para conocerla por completo. Acá las barcazas que puedes (o debes) tomar.

The Bimodal Route includes land sections along Route 7 and short navigation sections by barge.


Caleta La Arena – Puelche

Caleta La Arena is located 45 kilometers from Puerto Montt, from here the ferries depart every 45 minutes to Caleta Puelche.

For this route, no prior reservation is required, however, it must be considered that boarding is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment for the service is made on the ship.

The trip has an estimated duration of 45 minutes, during which you can get out of your vehicle and enjoy the landscape from the spaces provided on the boat for it. The maritime journey is made by crossing the Reloncaví Estuary, a journey that offers wonderful views of the wooded coast and the entrance to this beautiful Chilean fjord. After disembarking in Caleta Puelche, you must travel 60 kilometers of road to reach Hornopirén.

SECTION 2 and 3: Hornopirén – Caleta Gonzalo

Requires reservation or prior purchase. The fare paid is valid for both sections and the time to show up at the pier is one hour before departure. Reference price: $44,300 to $74,500 (cars and trucks), depending on whether it is a subsidized or commercial departure.

This journey is made by combining sea and land routes. Beginning in Hornopirén, capital of the Hualaihué commune and considered the “North Gate of the Carretera Austral”.

The navigation between Hornopirén and Leptepu, is carried out covering approximately 33 nautical miles, in a trip of an estimated duration of 4 hours through the Comau Fjord, which receives the waters of the Vodudahue River.

The Comau Fjord is flanked by high mountains, steep banks and stretches from Caleta Pichanco in the north to Caleta Leptepu in the south.

In the northern sector it receives the waters of the Quintupeu Fjord and a little further south from the Cahuelmó Fjord, these fjords penetrate towards the Andes Mountains.

In the barges you can appreciate the beauty of the Comau fjord in all its splendor. In the area there are thermal centers, scientific diving and research activities, sailing courses, among other activities.

Once disembarking in Leptepu, you must make a 10-kilometre journey by land to Caleta Fiordo Largo, from where another ferry will take you to Caleta Gonzalo, on a 45-minute journey across the Reñihue fjord, with impressive landscapes of dense native flora that dress the stone walls that make up this sea passage.

Finally, upon reaching Caleta Gonzalo, the journey by land is resumed, covering 60 kilometers of road to the city of Chaitén.

The canceled fare is valid for both sections (Hornopirén – Leptepu and Fiordo Largo – Caleta Gonzalo), and the time for passengers to present themselves by vehicle is two hours before departure.

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