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Why to rent a Campervan for your Chilean trip?

Why rent a campervan on your vacation? If you enjoy unparalleled freedom, road tripping on your own terms, camping without the hassle, and traveling in the best non-traditional way you can imagine, those are probably all pretty good reasons. So go ahead and start planning your Escape campervan vacation.

Create your own itinerary

In a camper van, you can go almost anywhere that’s shown on the road map. Spend a few days hiking in the mountains, then cruise over to the beach for some surfing, complete with the comforts of home at every stop. Every National Park can act as your personal bed and breakfast. Every side trip and detour is completely up to you. And don’t forget to get off the beaten path. Sometimes those few extra miles where you think you’re getting lost lead to the discovery of the best-hidden coves, secret hikes, and hole-in-the-wall haunts you’ll never find in a guide book.

Travel light

Road trips generally mean packing for anything that might come your way, but camping equipment and bags can take up a lot of space. Skip the game of Tetris while trying to fit everything in the car. In a campervan, everything seems to find its place. Mountain bikes can ride on roof racks, leaving plenty of space to organize duffle bags and gear inside. After a few days on the road, most people find that simplicity is the name of the game. You’ll be shocked by how little you need when you rent a campervan. The campervan has everything you need and nothing you don’t. That way, you can pick up your campervan locally and save money by bringing your own camp gear; or, fly into your dream destination (round-trip or one-way) and have anything you may need available for rent.

In a campervan, everything just seems to have a place. Also worth noting: RVs don’t have the same freedom to roam as a campervan. They usually need to stick with the tried and true tourist destinations. For your non-interstate adventure, slimming down to a campervan allows you to see the sites on your terms and feel more comfortable on tighter mountain roads.

Don’t let reservations hold you back

Hotels are nice, but they anchor you to one place. And they’re not the most adventurous way to travel. It’s a road trip, so why sleep in the mundane when the rest of your days are filled with excitement? A campervan is equipped with a cozy bed, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort. Now, sleeping becomes an exciting part of the travel experience. When you start to get sleepy, you can simply pull off the road and dispersed camp. Each campervan has curtains which can be pulled across your windows, so you can get some privacy from the outside world. In the morning, just start the engine and go wherever the day takes you. While it might be impossible to make zero campsite reservations (especially at National Parks in the summer), you pretty much have the flexibility to go where you want when you want (as long as you don’t break any laws).

Pass on the tent poles

More often than not, sleeping in a tent is less than ideal. There are bugs, rocks, various other uncomfortable possibilities. Not to mention weather problems like rain, snow, and wind. Campfires are also wonderful, but it’s great to retire for the night amidst the comforts of home. When you use a campervan, you can sleep comfortably without having to deal with the elements. You can fix gourmet meals. If the weather isn’t cooperating, just huddle up in the cozy campervan and play some cards. Best of all, there’s no need to pack up all your stuff in the morning. And if there’s bad weather for the foreseeable future, you can easily head toward sunnier skies.

Every destination is picture-perfect Whether you’re looking for mountain peaks, flowing waterfalls, or beach sunsets (or all of the above), make sure your phone has enough free memory, because you’ll find photo op after photo op. You can access many remote, picturesque places in your campervan that you wouldn’t be able to on a traditional trip.

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